The Craft of Surveillance

Insight Investigations Incorporated was established in the State of Arizona on May 21, 1990. We provide discrete, professional investigative services exclusively for insurance carriers, third-party administrators, government municipalities, law firms, and self-insured corporations. Although we are a full investigation firm, we specialize in the surveillance of worker's compensation and liability claims.

The art of surveillance is often an ambiguous and difficult form of investigation which requires an intelligent and careful approach, both leading into and throughout the investigation. Often, only limited information is known upon receiving the assignment; therefore, it is essential to develop and acquire the correct data, such as an address, background, and positive identification of a subject in a discreet manner. Subsequently, it requires an Investigator with a vast set of intangible skills to establish a proper surveillance position and pursue the subject efficiently in order to allow for a successful investigative result. In order to accomplish these tasks with a high degree of efficiency, we have extremely experienced staff specifically geared to handle these types of investigations.

Following our meticulous hiring process, regardless of previous experience, Investigators new to our firm are extensively trained in-house and perform a minimum of 160 hours of ride alongs with an expert surveillance Investigator before ever being assigned their own investigation. Even thereafter, all Investigators are directly supervised throughout each day, on every case by Andy Koontz AND/OR Jerry Hose, the owners of the firm.

Our company takes pride in leading the industry with the use of high technology to make our clients' jobs easier. All our Investigators are equipped with wireless internet, laptops, and digital video cameras. We have the ability to send video clips of the subject from the field, which enables the client to make immediate evaluations of the case, and if necessary, make adjustments as to the direction and costs of the assignment. It is our policy to remain in constant contact with the client to provide them with the requested information to allow them to make the necessary decisions on a daily basis. Upon completion of the case, the client is provided a detailed report with color photographs and a DVD containing the video footage taken during the case. We also work closely with attorneys and doctors associated with the case to show the video and provide any other useful information that they may need. Should the case require a deposition, hearing, or trial, we will provide our expert court testimony regarding the investigation.