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Insight Investigations provides discrete, professional investigative services exclusively for insurance carriers, third party administrators, government municipalities, law firms and self insured corporations.

Using an intelligent and careful approach, our investigators have the ability to develop and acquire the information you need in a discreet manner.

Each of our investigators are issued specialized equipment allowing them to upload surveillance image and video clips of the subject from the field.  This gives our clients the ability to make immediate evaluations, and if necessary, adjustments necessary to continue the investigation.

We work closely with our clients along with any attorneys and doctors associated with the case to show the video and provide any other useful information that they may need.  Should the case require a deposition, hearing or trial, we will provide our expert court testimony regarding the investigation.

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  1. Worker's Compensation
  2. Surveillance Assignments
  3. General Liability Claims
  4. Under-Cover Operations
  5. Litigation Support
  6. Information Gathering
  7. Security Consulting
  8. Labor Law Services


Insight Investigations has been serving the Phoenix metropolitan area, as well as the entire State of Arizona since 1990.